Halve the fuel tax excise 

We all dread the moment when that little orange light comes on in the car. The fuel tank is empty. Again. And the cost of filling it up climbs higher every single time you head to the bowser. The average price of petrol in Launceston is two dollars fifteen for unleaded. That’s the same price it was on 30th March 2022 when the Coalition Government cut the fuel excise in half. We recognised people couldn’t afford these prices back then. So why aren’t we halving the excise now? The cost of living is hitting people harder than ever. And the fuel excise hits low-income and working families the hardest. Think about it: the mum and dad with two cars and three kids to run around pays the same price for fuel as a billionaire does. The billionaire isn’t going to notice an extra five cents a litre on their petrol bill. But that family sure will. It costs three billion dollars to cut the fuel excise for 6 months. That’s three billion dollars more that the Government wants you to pay in taxes. Three billion dollars they want in their back

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