Stop taxing JobSeeker payments

Being on JobSeeker isn’t a choice for many people – it’s a need.
The cost of everything is going up – home loans, groceries, and bills are costing more now than ever. Those on JobSeeker will lose almost a thousand dollars to tax this financial year. That’s two weeks of payments that would be better spent on dealing with the cost of living crisis.

Pensions aren’t taxed, but JobSeeker payments are – it doesn’t make sense. The problem is that, unlike JobSeeker payments, the tax rate isn’t indexed. While JobSeeker has increased at a modest rate, it has become taxable.

The fix is simple: stop taxing JobSeeker payments.
This won’t dent the government’s hot pursuit for a budget surplus. But for those receiving JobSeeker, it means that their already tough decisions won’t be made even tougher. Those on JobSeeker payments make less than 99 per cent of the nation. We need to fix this nonsensical policy.

Tell the Albanese Government – stop taxing JobSeeker payments!

Why should JobSeeker payments be exempt from tax?
JobSeeker helps people get by, giving them a hand in affording the essentials. But the cost of everything is going up. Taxing JobSeeker payments places an even bigger financial burden on those facing financial difficulties.
How much will those on JobSeeker lose to taxes?
A single renter on Jobseeker will lose the equivalent of two weeks of payment to income tax this financial year. They’ll also have to go through the maze of a tax return, and the government will chase them if they don’t, wasting time and energy on both parties.
Why is JobSeeker taxed, but pensions aren’t?
JobSeeker and pensions increase with index, but the tax brackets do not. While JobSeeker has increased at a modest rate, it has become taxable. Unlike JobSeeker, where an aged pension is the only source of income, no tax is paid. Taxing JobSeeker is a nonsensical policy that targets the nation’s poorest.
Won’t not taxing JobSeeker payments affect the Budget?
99 per cent of Australians earn more than those on JobSeeker. Taxing JobSeeker is targeting our poorest, all for a sum the government wouldn’t even bend over to pick up from the floor. This is a policy misstep, which will make the cost-of-living crisis all the worse if it is not fixed.

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